13 days ago

it’s finally time to say goodbye to my supermoto, it’s been needing a lot of tlc lately, the supermoto rims brand new suck more than the version 1’s and there are no returns or anything so the wheel doesn’t even make sense being used so now the dirt tires need to be put back on along with EVERY bolt and screw and replace them with lock tight, that’s how bad it is. She runs so well with this 90 dollar performance carb tho. Just whoever buys it will have to put the dirt wheels on and see how they can fix the entire rim. Such a good bike though, sad to sell it but I just don’t have the time to deal with it lol. I need a mechanic who can take care of this bike and fix it themselves at no cost.


Seems it needs little work but looks it would still run pretty good to still keep it 👍

Fri Jan 14 2022 at 1:49pm


@Nish7 yeah, I could but when I say every part is coming loose, it’s every part…the front brakes when I say fell apart, they literally did, everything was poorly made OR I just think it’s the dude whoever built the bike who I bought it from…because they need lock tight. Even the mechanic said to keep it but I just can’t anymore. It’s always something, those motors are so reliable, I’ve never had one problem with it other than the carb which is normal for these bikes. But yeah, this thing is a little ripper for 1200 bucks I paid for it.

Fri Jan 14 2022 at 1:51pm