13 days ago

Cool story behind the T-shirt from the second photo! Got this T-shirt when I picked up the Chevelle last time! Niko the owner of the shop actually created the Vintage logo, after his father Henry passed away in an unfortunate car accident! He found a box of a Vintage Air AC unit that they ordered for someone’s car and Henry had hand written Vintage on it with a pen to make the box, so long story short, he took the box and scanned it and put it on a T-shirt logo! Now every time he wears it the logo is right next to his heart ❤️ RIP HENRY 🙏


So beautiful 👌
Love when something has a hidden story behind it’s presence. I’m very curious about stories. Makes it so special 👌
Henry will always be missed 🙏 unbelievable it’s been 1.5 years he’s gone 😢

Fri Aug 05 2022 at 12:31pm